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  • “Up and running”

    Xbox Live has a funny definition of “Up and running.” As of 7:00pm on Dec 29, 2007 their status message read: Status: Up and running Users may experience issues performing transactions dependent on Windows Live ID availability including but not limited to Xbox 360 and Zune account creation, renewal, recovery, all DMP transactions, and logging […]

  • inkling Markets 1 Week Later

    The inkling markets I started last week have been making progress. While I can’t speak authoritatively about why the participants are investing the way they are, I can always make some wild-assed-guesses. In the OpenID market, the biggest gainers are Wikipedia and Yahoo!. Wikipedia announced that they’re working on OpenID, which sounds like it’s a […]

  • SXSW Interactive 2007

    I’m registered, have my plane tickets, and my conference schedule picked out. I’m going to SXSW Interactive! I’ve wanted to go for years, but it was only recently that the planets aligned and it became feasible for me to make it to Austin. The first order of business is to let everyone know so that […]

  • inkling predictions for OpenId and Jabber

    I got the inkling bug. inkling is a site for prediction markets; basically you buy and sell stocks with funny money based on what you think will happen. Wisdom of the crowds, power of many, all that jazz. First Ed Vielmetti got bit, then Brian Kerr started trading, and now I’m doing it. The two […]

  • Sony making the same mistakes again

    There a 3 big problems with the Playstation 3 (ignoring smaller problems like the UI). The first is availability, with all sorts of stories of people getting shot with BBs or trying not to give birth or abusing the trust placed in them just to get a PS3. That can be fixed with time. The […]

  • Firefox 2’s great new feature with a horrible UI

    Firefox 2 (which is officially released today) has a great new bookmarking feature: Microsummaries. These are short bits of information in bookmarks’ titles that update from time to time. Imagine bookmarking an eBay auction and seeing the current price in your bookmarks bar, or bookmarking your webmail and seeing your unread messages count, or bookmarking […]

  • To Reply or Not

    I’m trying to move from Network Solutions to another registrar. I initiated the move, and now NetSol keeps having me email customer support. Here’s part of their latest email to me, emphasis mine: Thank you for contacting Network Solutions Quality Processing Department. We have received your request to transfer HOTELLING.NET to [my new registrar]. […]

  • Lester Bangs, Chuck Klosterman and Video Games

    When I saw Chuck Klosterman’s Esquire piece The Lester Bangs of Video Games on various linkblogs, I ignored it for two reasons. The first is that I assumed it probably didn’t have anything to say that The New Games Journalism didn’t say a year ago; the second is that I didn’t realize Chuck Klosterman wrote […]

  • Please stop pretending you know how much bandwidth BitTorrent uses

    I’ve seen this mentioned a lot when people talk about BitTorrent, but this bit from an announcement of BitTorrent 4.20 happened to push me over the apathy threshold: It’s no secret that bandwidth concerns have been one of the more pressing issues surrounding the BitTorrent community. CacheLogic, which provides P2P caching solutions for ISP networks, […]

  • AIM Down

    AOL IM was down today for a bit. I found out because I got an instant message saying “Is AIM down for you?” IMs to friends confirmed that AIM went down for a while this afternoon. In addition to AIM, I use Jabber, an open standard IM protocol that lets anyone run a server. That […]