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  • Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Just in time for the shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), my solar panels are live! First off, solar panels make financial sense right now. I would see solar panels on people’s houses and wonder how much more people are spending just to lower their “carbon footprint” (a term made up by […]

  • 🎃🤖

    Two WiFi pumpkin robots from friends: Ryan’s Pumpkin Pi shoots flames: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ryan Echlin (@ryanphotosstuff) Les’s makes faces: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Les Orchard (@l.m.orchard)    

  • I love this story from rachelbythebay about hosting in the late 90’s: Then there was this little company. They were selling dedicated Linux servers for $99 per month, and promised to put them online within an hour of you ordering them, 24 hours a day. Also, they had “the best support in the industry”, according […]

  • Check out this time lapse video of the Giacobini–Zinner comet from reddit user u/jostef0: You know what a comet looks like. If I tell you to close your eyes and imagine a comet, you have a mental picture in your head of what a comet looks like. Your comet is an amalgam of all the […]

  • I posted this to my coworking space’s Slack, with the caption “If you’re going to spoof caller-id, maybe choose a valid phone number?” Based on the response, the problem with the number wasn’t as obvious as I thought. Can you spot it?

  • Leaving Facebook

    Now seems like a good time to talk about when I deleted Facebook in January of 2016, and why I came back. It started off with buying some boxed wine.[1] I texted my wife a picture of the options to find out what she wanted. A couple days later, I started seeing ads for boxed […]

  • It begins

    If you signed up for Card Against Humanity Saves America (before they became a potato chip company) check your mailbox… (If you want to get your junk mail emailed to you too, check out USPS's Informed Delivery)

  • Why is Apache sending a “X-Pad” header?

    Apache sometimes sends an HTTP header “X-Pad: avoid browser bug” for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. There isn’t a lot of searchable information about this header, so my coworker Matt dug into the source code and found out what’s going on. The header was added to deal with a bug Netscape versions 2 through 4.0b2. […]

  • Real RSS Spam

    The spammers keep getting cleverer and cleverer. A blog that will remain nameless let its domain name expire. A black-hat SEO spammer bought up the domain, which is pretty common. What surprised me was what happened next. The spammer must have realized that there was a blog previously at that URL. So they installed a […]

  • DRYer than thou

    At work we have a project (launching Monday, w00t!) that has a lot of cool things happening on the browser side. You know kids these days, what with their jQueries and Web 2.0s, they need whiz bang special effects in their websites. In my day, we only had one type of input field in our […]