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  • My First Time on the Other Side of the Screen

    My First Time on the Other Side of the Screen

    I messed up rules, I forgot what I said, and didn’t add any of the flavor descriptions I had planned. But, people had fun so that’s OK. After three years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, I survived my first session as a Dungeon Master.

  • Best LAN Party Games in 2019

    We had our LAN party and it was grand. Online play can only replicate so much of the experience of gaming together. There are still plenty of good LAN games, here’s what we played: Alien Swarm – A great 4 player co-op game from the Left 4 Dead team, we had 2 games going. It’s…

  • LAN Party Game Suggestions?

    What are the best PC games for LAN parties right now? I am #blessed to have a group of friends that gets together for a yearly LAN. There is a magical synergy that occurs when everyone is playing the same game together, with no splinter factions. I would love to get any suggestions on cheap/free…

  • Once upon a time there was a dungeon master who really loved the world-building aspect of the job

  • Carcassonne and Boss Builder

    Last night was game night! First game was Carcassonne, a city builder. Jenny got this for me as a gift and I’ve been itching to try it out. The game is really quick to pick up and play, and moves quickly. I think I like this better than Catan. There was some deal-making at the…

  • Little Alchemy

    Little Alchemy is a fun little game of combining things. You start with earth, air, fire, and water, then combine them. I have not yet found the fifth element in the game. via Chris

  • MacBook Pro Gaming PC

    @NVIDIAGeForce #YIDIY So I can do things that have never been done before. World's first eGPU SLI setup. 2x 780 Ti — Stu Hinckley (@hinkuli) August 12, 2014 This is kind of amazing: using the Thunderbolt connector on a MacBook Pro to connect 2 desktop gaming GPUs! An upgradable gaming PC at home and…