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  • Frank Black on iTunes

    When I sold my iTunes song, one of the criticisms I received was that people who didn’t want to get stuck with Apple’s DRM and licensing agreements could just purchase their music in CD form. Frank Black is releasing 4 new tracks as iTunes exclusives (via MacSlash). So how do you get these tracks in […]

  • iPod Car Head Unit

    If you’ve got an iPod, you’re probably using it while you drive. Stephen is a big fan of his ProClip, but that only holds the iPod. Enter the Ice-Link. It acts as an translator between a car’s head unit and the iPod using the CD changer controls. This means that you can use the buttons […]

  • iTunes Linking

    You can link to songs on the iTunes music store a number of ways. You can use the iTunes Link Maker, you can roll your own links, or you can do what I do and right-click in iTunes. Then you can create links to songs like Double Dutch Bus, albums like To the Extreme or […]

  • Obligatory iTunes Post

    As you are no doubt well aware, iTunes for Windows has been downloadable for a couple hours. Blah blah blah Windows users getting what Mac users have had for years blah blah blah wait until they see iPhoto blah blah blah. What’s interesting to me is the reaction. It seems that most Windows users equate […]

  • iTunes for Windows… Soon…

    According to this post iTunes for Windows will be out next Thursday, Oct. 16th. This will be very interesting to see, Windows Media Player doesn’t come close to the ease of use of iTunes. This will act as a client for the 90% or so of the population that uses Windows to access the iTunes […]

  • RIAA Shock Troops

    The NYT is running a comic (no reg. required) talking about some of the problems with the RIAA becoming a quasi-police agency. This is coming on the heels of the RIAA suing people who aren’t sharing music and a lawsuit (correctly) accusing them of lying about their amnesty program. They hide behind the guise of […]

  • Impractical

    When they said that this would be impractical, they weren’t kidding. Thanks to Dr. Davis for pointing out that transfering an iTunes song is probably legal. Also, thanks to everyone who had something nice to say about me. I read every comment on this site, but because I was worried about possible legal ramifications I […]

  • Anyone want an AAC file?

    Like the title says, I’m still trying to get rid of this crappy song. The song is still Double Dutch Bus by Devin Vasquez, but since eBay won’t let us determine a fair market value for the song I’ll go ahead and give it away. I need to find someone that has iTunes 4, preferably […]

  • Does the Right of First Sale Still Exist?

    I just posted an eBay auction for a song I bought from the iTunes music store. It should be interesting to see how this works out. I only spent $0.99 on it but I bought the song just as legally as I would a CD, so I should be able to sell it used just […]