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  • Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots

    Wow, just wow. The Kleptones present Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots. I’m digging this moreso than most mashes, the Flaming Lips album provides a great backdrop for hip-hop lyrics. Go download all these songs right this second. I don’t know that it’s legal to add to SongBuddy though, which is why I didn’t add it. […]

  • Napster and DRM

    I have a question that I’m having trouble finding the answer to. According to the Mercury News, Napster has lost $15 million in its first 2 months and its executives are jumping ship. This does not bode well for the service. So what happens to its customers if/when it closes up shop? All the music […]

  • Grey Tuesday

    Downhill Battle seems to be on a roll, they have a new project called Grey Tuesday where they ask sites to post the mp3s from the Grey Album to their websites on February 24th. 90% Crud and SongBuddy plan to participate. [Update: Plans change. If you want to see why plans changed in this case, […]

  • to iCal

    [Update: I’ve added code to detect end times (Upcoming style, not Book of Revelations style) that appear in extended feeds.] I’m a big fan of what Andy Baio is doing over at, one of my inspirations for SongBuddy. It’s a collaborative calendar that lets you see all your friends’ event alongside yours. The only […]

  • The Grey Album, Copyrights and the Law

    I’m writing this listening to The Grey Album, a remix of Jay Z’s Black Album with the Beatles’ White Album. Normally I don’t go out of my way to find Jay Z remixes but this one is illegal and that makes it irresistible. I suspect that a lot of people are in the same boat […]

  • Linkdump: 2004-02-11

    Neotonic ClearSilverClearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system. Crashing the Party: Map Server Hacking Subaru rally driver swears too muchTold off by his mom HTTP Authentication using Jabber TicketsA Jabber competitor to MS Passport Sharing the Groove – Audio Bit Torrent Downloads Devil in the detail of Sicily’s mysterious village fires Scary-cool: […]

  • Yaaar! The music pirates’ manifesto.

    I wanted to spend some more time on “Yaaar! The music pirates’ manifesto, which I posted in my last linkdump. This article is an impressively crafted summary of what is going on with copyrights now. It covers the state of DRM and how it turns computers against their owners. It talks about Freenet and how […]

  • What’s The Download

    What’s The Download is a new site dealing with copyrights and digital music. It’s causing quite a stir thanks to their TV spot during the Grammy’s last night. It argues the flip-side of Downhill Battle, for industry rights etc. But what they don’t say on their site, is that they are run by the RIAA […]

  • Weekly World News editor fakes his own death

    It is being reported that Eddie Clontz, editor for the Weekly World News died in January. Obviously he faked his death and is now living in seclusion with Elvis, Bat Boy and possibly Aliens. This will no doubt be proven when Satan is seen in the clouds above his “grave.” I mean, if this were […]

  • Tune Recycler

    Downhill Battle announced today Tune Recycler, wherein they plan to accept codes from Pepsi’s iTunes promotion. Downhill Battle opens their announcement saying “Pepsi is about to dump 100 million free iTunes songs into circulation.” I have to question how the songs are in circulation if you can’t resell them, but I have bigger concerns with […]