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  • More on the retarded Apple vs. Real

    This fight between Apple and Real over who can sell license music for the iPod is absurd. Let’s look at what’s happening, starting off with a quick recap of the story. Apple sells iPods and sells licenses music through their iTunes Music Store. They make most of their money on iPods, and a little from […]

  • iPod question (and an Apple rant for good measure)

    [Update: Solution found by Ian – Choose “Manually manage songs and playlists” under iPod Preferences] I picked up a slightly used iPod off a friend, taking advantage of his need for a 4G clickwheel. and am having a problem. I’ve found a ton of programs that enable me to get music off the iPod, but […]

  • eBay to sell digital music

    Not to milk my 15 seconds of fame too much, but I’m gonna put on my egoist hat for this post. eBay will be doing a trial wherein pre-approved sellers (AKA rights holders) will be able to auction off digital music (via Engadget). They very specifically note “a buyer of downloadable media through eBay cannot […]

  • 24 hours of iTMS

    I’ve been tracking the number of songs distributed from iTunes Music Store for the past 2472 hours, using the numbers on Apple’s homepage since noon on July 6. In 24 hours Apple distributed 483,091 songs, going from 96,995,792 to 97,478,883, averaging 20,128 songs/hour. At the current rate, my Excel spreadsheet (my first!) says that 100 […]

  • Independent 100?

    I was talking to Ben from the RIAA Radar and Mixmatcher about independent music and he pointed out that Apple has posted an "Independant 100 Playlist" to their music store that claims to celebrate independent music, like Hillary Duff. He says that of the 100 albums 47 are from truly independent labels. I’ll take his […]

  • Kinder, Happier Real Player

    This release represents a much friendlier direction for us – Kevin Foreman GM, Helix RealNetworks, Inc., announcing Real Player 10. Yeah, the free player is a lot easier to find now:

  • HOWTO: How and Why You Would Want To Get Ogg Vorbis on iTunes

    Wherein I explain how to get Ogg Vorbis in iTunes, what the hell that means and why the hell you would do such a damn fool thing.

  • iTunes 4.5 Good and Bad

    iTunes 4.5 has been out for a couple days, and it’s certainly a big refinement of 4.0. Of the new features, I think iMix is the most interesting, because it acknowledges one of the driving forces behind SongBuddy — that people who listen to music can drive the market. I would like to see them […]

  • Generic Anti-Camera Phone Form

    Here’s something I wrote last night after being inspired by the generic spam solution response form. Did Slashdot just post another story about camera phones? Quick you’ve got to comment about how worthless they are! But it’s so hard to form a coherent argument while wiping all that foam from your mouth, what to do? […]

  • mehack and RSS advertising

    mehack is a blog about taking what you’ve got and pushing it further. Recent posts include installing Linux on your mp3 player, extracting the drive from your mp3 player and free car diagnostic software (which probably doesn’t play mp3s). So it’s kind of fitting that they’ve hacked advertising into their RSS feed. One of the […]