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  • Apple’s DRM Announcement

    Eliminate DRM! Originally uploaded by nim. Apple announced that they’ll be offering DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store! I don’t have much to add to the announcement, I’m just ecstatic that Apple is following up on Steve Job’s open letter. Beyond just offering DRM-free music, Apple even addressed Cory Doctorow’s lock-in argument by offering […]

  • Minorities in Libraries

    I was at the Scholarship and Libraries in Transition on Friday, a symposium on how mass digitization affects libraries. I’m not a librarian but Tim O’Reilly was keynoting and since I’m not going to ETech or SXSW this year, it was a decent consolation prize. One thing I noticed was the sheer number of Macs […]

  • BitTorrent, Trademarks and Crypto

    BitTorrent™ is suing several spyware companies over trademark infringement. They want to keep spyware/adware companies from banking on their name, which is perfectly understandable. P2P companies need to be extra-sensitive to this, considering the abomination of adware Kazaa was. Here’s what has me paranoid, though. µTorrent and other 3rd party clients are encrypting the protocol. […]

  • The Anti-Darknet

    Lucas Gonze pinged me with a good mental framework for our current moral crises over file sharing, DRM and all that other stuff that makes me tired from being so angry. I’m answering my email in my blog. Four researchers at Microsoft coined the term “Darknet” in their 2002 paper The Darknet and the Future […]

  • Why you weren’t protected from Sony

    In an article for Wired News, Bruce Schneier asks: What do you think of your antivirus company, the one that didn’t notice Sony’s rootkit as it infected half a million computers? Mr. Schneier’s readers answered him: Many readers pointed out to me that the DMCA is one of the reasons antivirus companies aren’t able to […]

  • Google vs. Book Monopolists

    In an article on Google’s efforts to scan books USA Today highlights part of what’s wrong with the US copyright law: Richard Hull, executive director of the Text and Academic Authors Association, called Google’s approach backwards. Publishers shouldn’t have to bear the burden of record-keeping, agreed Sanfilippo, the Penn State press’s marketing and sales director. […]

  • Open Questions for the Piracy Czar

    The US has created a position in our Department of Commerce called the Coordinator for International Intellectual Property Enforcement. In short, a Piracy Czar. From what I’ve read the person will be in charge of a war on piracy. On The Long Tail blog, Wired editor Chris Anderson writes I was chatting with a former […]

  • Comcast Privacy

    Did you hear the one about the lawsuit over Big Copyright wanting personal information from an ISP? No, it’s not RIAA v. Verizon; a woman is suing Comcast because they shared her personal information with the RIAA, and they did so without even waiting for a court order. In the short term you can prevent […]

  • Features lost in iTunes upgrades

    It seems every new version of iTunes removes some feature in the interest of Apple’s suppliers. Are Apple’s customers filing bug reports saying “please make your program not work with my other programs” and “please let me do less with my music”? Is DRM a dealbreaker for the music industry? If people demanded that their […]

  • Lessig on C-Span

    Lawrence Lessig, fresh off his gig as Christopher Lloyd on West Wing, will be on C-Span Thursday, March 3rd 2005 as part of its Digital Future series. Spread the word. Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, is the author of Code and […]