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    This is a legitimate email from a Legitimate Financial Institution that I was expecting, but I don’t know what I could change it to make it look more like a phishing scam. We’ve spent the last 20 years teaching people not to open email attachments but I guess Raytheon’s Cybersecurity company didn’t hear about that? […]

  • Brent Simmons on why he’s not adding algorithmic timelines to NetNewsWire, his RSS reader: These kinds of algorithms optimize for engagement, and the quickest path to engagement is via the drugs outrage and anger — which require, and generate, bigger and bigger hits. This is what Twitter and Facebook are about — but it’s not […]

  • I keep thinking about these tweets from Derek Powazek: I’m not really watching Twitter these days, but haven’t gone so far as to delete my tweets. Since I mostly read (past tense) on Tweetbot and that’s going away, I have a bit more space between me and Twitter. Just in time too, because today is […]

  • LiveJournal, Russia, and Reddit

    Friends and Blasphemers is a pretty great episode from the podcast Reply All. They dive into what happened to LiveJournal when it got popular in Russia.!e601a84ab2126a49a088148a33a52436f5a8b910 One of the interesting parts was a breakdown of how much Russian trolls got paid to disrupt LJ: PJ: Emails actually leaked out later that had the rates […]

  • New year, new domain

    My company recently launched .blog, a new top-level domain name. To celebrate, I’ve moved my blog to Old links and feeds should still work, please let me know if anything is amiss.

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    I am going to try this new ‘blog thing. Again. With 1 percentage point more Crud. Why? Partly because I was going through the archives of that other blog thinking “this isn’t as cringy as I expected.” Partly because email newsletters have peaked and I’m trying to get ahead of the next curve. But mostly because somewhere […]

  • Done.

    Seriously, this (1/2) (2/2) crud on Twitter doesn't work well. Get a website, link to it. — Les Orchard (@lmorchard) May 6, 2015