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  • iOS Shortcut for the Reddit Blackout

    iOS Shortcut for the Reddit Blackout

    I threw together this quick iOS Shortcut Automation for respecting the Reddit blackout: Any time my muscle memory kicks in and tries to open Apollo on June 12 or 13, my phone will redirect me to a certain YouTube video instead. There doesn’t seem to be a way to share automations in Shortcuts, but you…

  • Continuity Camera on macOS is Magic

    This is “it just works” territory stuff, in a way that hasn’t just worked in the past. Continuity Camera is a feature in macOS Whatevercodename2018 that lets you use your iPhone as a camera for your Mac. Preview uses this to let you quickly scan documents. When you open Preview and choose the “Import from…

  • My life would be complete if there were a way to use iOS 12’s Shortcuts app to take an Apple Pay notification and turn it into a YNAB entry.

  • Level Crosshairs in iOS11

    This is a cool little feature I found in iOS 11. When you get the camera close to horizontal, two crosshairs appear. You can then line them up to make sure your phone is horizontal. It makes taking pictures documents really easy (although Notes in iOS 11 is even better for that)

  • Touch Disease

    Today I learned I suffer from┬áTouch Disease on my iPhone 6+. Symptoms include a touchscreen that doesn’t respond to your finger and a grey flickering bar at the top of the screen. I thought my iPhone was just being weird but now I’m learning it’s an epidemic. The popular theory is that the chip responsible…