Author: George Hotelling

  • Matrix Reloaded (quickly)

    I really liked the Matrix Reloaded, and I’m sure you realize you should go see it. I’ll write up a lot more of my thoughts later, but when you watch it be sure to sit through the credits to see a trailer for Matrix Revolutions at the very end.


    Holy Zombie SOCOM: U. S. Navy Seals is awesome. I never liked Counter Strike for the same reason that my Tribes teams always lost: I hate typeing while I’m playing a first person shooter. The action is too fast, you can’t be typing all the time. Without teamwork and coordination, though, your team will invariably […]

  • Normal Books are Boring

    For years, Loompanics Unlimited have been publishing fringe books for fringe people to read. They’re online, and you should check out their catalog if you haven’t already. Some of their titles include The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving (a book which I think would recommend), 101 Things to do ‘Til the Revolution (a good […]

  • MLP

    <!– –> I found the Safety Sign Builder which will be a nice distraction for a boring day at work. Have fun abusing company printers and your cow orkers. Featured above is my cow orker’s creation; the best I could think of was “David Smells”.

  • The Plural of Jesus is Jesii?

    Finding Jesus has never been easier, thanks to J2K-Three at More Jesii than you can shake a sinner at, including some interesting impersonations. I’d talk more about it, but that’s pretty much all there is to the site. Just Jesus and lots of him. Yup. Jesus.

  • Belaboring the Point

    It looks like Mad Catz is taking a cue from BroadQ and releasing an MP3 player for the Playstation 2. Mad Catz to Release Audio, Video Software for PS2 San Diego-based Mad Catz said the GameShark Media Player would turn Sony Corp’s console, when combined with Sony’s networking adapter, into a playback device for MP3 […]

  • Qcast

    I mentioned the Qcast Tuner in my last update, but feel the need to expound on it. A while ago asked me about if he should buy it or not. I told him it wasn’t ready for prime-time, and I’ll explain why. It doesn’t “just work.” I’m not talking about network configuration, or server configuration […]

  • Livejournal Cliche

    So last night they preempted Buffy, which pissed me off because the only time I really watch most shows is when they are just starting up or just ending. The series is ending in 2 weeks, so I really want to know what’s going on. It pissed me off even more that they didn’t even […]

  • Holy Poo!

    I was watching X-Play (fast forward on the Tivo makes it watchable) and at the end they showed a preview for Onimusha 3. I played through the first one, and it was pretty fun; worth $20. The next installment is taking place in modern day Paris of all places, with Jean Reno as Samanosuke’s gunweilding […]

  • Romeo Rocks

    I gave a speech on Smarty at my local PHP users group last week. I was using Powerpoint for OS X on my laptop, hooked up to a projector I borrowed from work so that everyone could see the slide. To advance the slides, I was using my cell phone and a program called Romeo. […]