Author: George Hotelling

  • SEMiSLUG Meeting

    The SEMiSLUG meeting tonight should be really good for anyone in Ann Arbor doing stuff with the web. They got Lou Rosenfeld to speak about information architecture for the world wide web, which is good because he literally wrote the book on the subject. These meetings are largely inhabited by Unix sysadmins, but tonight’s is […]

  • Email to LJ gateway w/ attachments?

    I just got a camera for my cellphone and want to be able to email pictures to myself, which in turn will get posted to livejournal with some optional text. Does anyone know of a script that I can pipe an email through (via procmail) that will extract attached files, save them to a directory, […]

  • South Korea, part 2 of 2 (finally)

    OK, so here’s the other part of my Korean trip. First off, let me cover some of the crap I had to gloss over last update due to time constraints. You can see QTVRs of the Seoul Tower and the Emperor’s Palace but they don’t approach the experience of seeing it firsthand (no surprise there). […]

  • Live and Direct

    It’s 6:17PM localtime, which means it’s 5:17AM EST on Friday. Good morning. I left for South Korea on wednesday to go to my older brother Harold’s wedding to his fiance Soyoung who’s family is Korean. Our flight was scheduled to leave DTW at 3:30pm and made a pretty good effort at keeping that. 12 hours […]

  • Matrix Reloaded Reloaded (spoilers)

    Some links that you may have missed: The Matrix Brickphone points us to one of the billion marketing tie-ins to the new movie. The first movie made that Nokia 8110 (more proof) a hot item and Samsung is trying to cash in. Unfortunately it’s butt ugly and $500, but a little part of me still […]

  • Rumor and Innuendo in Detroit

    Mayor clashes with fired cop The former head of the Detroit Police Department’s internal affairs division said Tuesday that he was fired because he investigated charges of criminal behavior by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his relatives and members of his security detail. Gary Brown said he was investigating reports of a drunken-driving accident, falsified overtime records […]

  • Matrix Reloaded (quickly)

    I really liked the Matrix Reloaded, and I’m sure you realize you should go see it. I’ll write up a lot more of my thoughts later, but when you watch it be sure to sit through the credits to see a trailer for Matrix Revolutions at the very end.


    Holy Zombie SOCOM: U. S. Navy Seals is awesome. I never liked Counter Strike for the same reason that my Tribes teams always lost: I hate typeing while I’m playing a first person shooter. The action is too fast, you can’t be typing all the time. Without teamwork and coordination, though, your team will invariably […]

  • Normal Books are Boring

    For years, Loompanics Unlimited have been publishing fringe books for fringe people to read. They’re online, and you should check out their catalog if you haven’t already. Some of their titles include The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving (a book which I think would recommend), 101 Things to do ‘Til the Revolution (a good […]

  • MLP

    <!– –> I found the Safety Sign Builder which will be a nice distraction for a boring day at work. Have fun abusing company printers and your cow orkers. Featured above is my cow orker’s creation; the best I could think of was “David Smells”.