Author: George Hotelling

  • German Park

  • On Tivo and Advertising…

    There’s an article up at BusinessWeek about how Tivo is now tracking (in an aggregate, non-personally identifiable way) what commercials people watch, and the results are pretty disheartening for advertisers. Tivo allows you to fast forward through commercials or skip 30 seconds into the future at the touch of a button. And guess what: people […]

  • Tivo Deal

    If you want to get a 40 hour Tivo for $200 (you save $50) and get free shipping send yourself a postcard from Tivo is one of those cold, dead hands things — as in “you can have it when you pry it from.” I make mock-astonished remarks about how people stay up late […]

  • Envy

    Yet another apartment that makes me want to move. This one has an amazing view of Detroit (and Windsor). The urge to move isn’t helped by the new issue of Ready Made that arrived today.

  • Tiki Stuff

    I found this tiki stuff at Acme Mercantile over on Liberty between Main and Ashley. They have all the accoutrements a modern person such as yourself needs.

  • Dinner With Jenny

  • Graffiti on the Walk to my car

  • MoBlog Test

    Testing image posting from my mobile phone

  • CD Swap Meetup

    There is a CD Swap Meetup that is going on. I would go, because I have a lot of CDs to get rid of, but I can’t look someone in the eye while handing them my one of my many regrettable teenage used CDs. I’m so embarrassed by my ex-CDs-to-be that I can’t sell them […]

  • Pics from Korea are up

    I finally posted the pictures from my trip to South Korea for my brother’s wedding. Take a look and see if you can find my obscene tatoo.