Author: George Hotelling

  • Driverless Bus Prototype Coming to Ann Arbor

    This is cool, a prototype autonomous bus is coming to Ann Arbor in the fall. The service will use two fully automated, 15-passenger, all-electric shuttles manufactured by French firm NAVYA to transport students, faculty and staff on a nonstop two-mile route between the Lurie Engineering Center and the university’s North Campus Research Complex on Plymouth […]

  • Tabs vs Spaces: Are we even arguing about the same thing?

    The big news this week (other than all that political news) is objective data in the ongoing battle of Tabs vs Spaces. Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey uncovered an interesting correlation: collectively, devs who use spaces are earn more than those who use tabs. That is sure to add some fire to never-ending war, but […]

  • in Detroit

    Automattic (my employer) has been partnering with Rebrand Detroit to get 100 local, small businesses online. I’m thrilled that our international company is focusing on Detroit. If you are too (and you are reading this on May 17, 2017) you should come to the Rebrand Cities Salon this afternoon in Midtown. Matt Mullenweg, the CEO, just posted these new […]

  • Workaround for IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand Desks

    Workaround for IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand Desks

    When I set up my home office in 2015, I knew I wanted a motorized standing desk. The easier it is to raise and lower, the less commitment there is in standing up. The less commitment, the easier it is to stand up. At the time, IKEA had just released their Bekant Sit/Stand desk for […]

  • Coworking at Workantile

    Coworking at Workantile

    One of the challenges of distributed work is isolation. Our third places are already disappearing, losing the office as a second place can be tough. So, about once a week, I drive over half an hour to Workantile, a coworking space in Ann Arbor. It started with the Ann Arbor Software Co-Workers. I attended a few […]

  • My Net Neutrality Letter

    [Below is the letter I sent to my representative, my senators, and the FCC. Well, I will send it to the FCC when their site stops being overloaded. It seems that John Oliver told the entire internet to Go FCC Yourself and they did. And then someone also spammed the site with purloined identities and anti-Net-Neutrality comments. […]

  • iOS Widgets for Home Assistant with Workflow

    One of the key principles of home automation is being able to control things quickly and easily. I don’t want to have to unlock my phone, open an app, wait for it to load, and then finally find the device I want to control. I like that SmartThings supports the Today screen widgets in iOS. They let […]

  • Speaking at Self.conference 2017

    I will be speaking about home automation with Home Assistant at Self.conference in May! One of my goals this year is to do more public speaking, so I’m thrilled to get to be part of this event. There is a pretty amazing lineup of speakers so you should probably go ahead and register already. Here’s the write-up […]

  • My Favorite Bug

    Years ago, at a financial services company… It started with some mild grumbling. Some people were complaining about getting signed out on our customer portal. But it was probably just user error, right? The reports seemed to happen more and more though. Then, employees who worked on the product started to get signed out. At […]

  • Well… how did I get here?

    Well… how did I get here?

    Employee referral programs are killing diversity in the tech industry Roughly 70% of tech companies have programs to encourage referrals and most importantly, referrals account for up to 50% of new hires in the US.…Unfortunately, an employee being asked to refer someone for a given position will almost always go for somebody who shares the same social […]