Author: George Hotelling

  • If I keep getting sunsets like this I’m gonna keep posting them.

  • Pictured Rocks Backpacking Trip Report

    I had a blast on my first backpacking trip ever with 2 of my brothers and one of my nephews. We flew into Marquette, then did 3 days on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore trail before flying back to Detroit. Marquette and Pictured Rocks are both in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which is basically a different […]

  • Evening Hike

    Evening hike with the girls in the DeVine Preserve

  • A step toward replacing Facebook

    One of the things I noted when I left Facebook was that I ended up outsourcing my social labor to my wife. Sarah Jeong wrote a great piece for The Verge about her experiences without Facebook, and found similar gaps in the Facebook-less life. The real problem only began to present itself much later. I […]

  • Roundup, April 6

    Everyday Carry Lost & Found Edition Things I try to keep in my pockets and the number of times I’ve lost them: Times Lost Times Found iPhone 0 0 Wallet 1 1 ThruNite Ti3 flashlight 2 1 Apple AirPods 2 1 Tinker Swiss Army Knife 4 4 There’s something to be said for having stuff […]

  • Roundup, March 30

    Newsletters I'm seeing a few people are starting newsletter-format web things. Example a: Ed Vielmetti's Vacuum; example b: Chris Salzman's newsletter blog posts. The format is attractive as a writer because it's not daily and you don't have to write too much about a subject. Just add a heading and type a paragraph. I should […]

  • Leaving Facebook

    Now seems like a good time to talk about when I deleted Facebook in January of 2016, and why I came back. It started off with buying some boxed wine.[1] I texted my wife a picture of the options to find out what she wanted. A couple days later, I started seeing ads for boxed […]

  • I found a fun easter egg in Spotify. When you play this Star Wars playlist, the progress bar in the desktop app becomes a lightsaber: (This is the bedtime music my 4 year old wanted. Who am I to argue?)

  • It begins

    If you signed up for Card Against Humanity Saves America (before they became a potato chip company) check your mailbox… (If you want to get your junk mail emailed to you too, check out USPS's Informed Delivery)

  • Call to Support Net Neutrality (again)

    If you live in the US, call your reps and let them know you support net neutrality. Go to this site, put in your phone number and they'll call to connect you with your reps. It took me 3 minutes. It's also good practice talking to your government. Do it. I don't want to live […]