Author: George Hotelling

  • I love this story from rachelbythebay about hosting in the late 90’s: Then there was this little company. They were selling dedicated Linux servers for $99 per month, and promised to put them online within an hour of you ordering them, 24 hours a day. Also, they had “the best support in the industry”, according […]

  • My life would be complete if there were a way to use iOS 12’s Shortcuts app to take an Apple Pay notification and turn it into a YNAB entry.

  • Jessica Rosenworcel on Net Neutrality

    A friend of mine gave me the heads up  that FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel was giving a policy interview about net neutrality yesterday. Sometimes things just drop in my lap like that. Rosenworcel dissented with the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality protections: The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of […]

  • I’m convinced Apple is acutely aware that only nerds called Mac OS X “Mac OS Ten” and only nerds call the iPhone X “iPhone Ten.” The fact that I didn’t have to write “iPhone Ex” and you knew what I meant proves my point. I’m further convinced that they did the market research and found […]

  • Hugh Lashbrooke’s This Month in WordPress is a great way to get a high-level view of how WordPress is changing. Here’s August, 2018 as an example. I can’t always keep up with all the WordPress news, so his posts make sure I don’t miss anything.

  • Your “thread” should have been a blog post… Your tweet or your toot can also be a blog post. You don’t even need a title. (h/t Chris)

  • Nice to see the Detroit Lego city at Legoland in Auburn Hills celebrating Aretha.

  • Check out this time lapse video of the Giacobini–Zinner comet from reddit user u/jostef0: You know what a comet looks like. If I tell you to close your eyes and imagine a comet, you have a mental picture in your head of what a comet looks like. Your comet is an amalgam of all the […]

  • I keep thinking about these tweets from Derek Powazek: I’m not really watching Twitter these days, but haven’t gone so far as to delete my tweets. Since I mostly read (past tense) on Tweetbot and that’s going away, I have a bit more space between me and Twitter. Just in time too, because today is […]

  • I posted this to my coworking space’s Slack, with the caption “If you’re going to spoof caller-id, maybe choose a valid phone number?” Based on the response, the problem with the number wasn’t as obvious as I thought. Can you spot it?