Author: George Hotelling

  • Visualize California Wildfires

    Visualize California Wildfires

    I really appreciate journalism that helps me empathize with people affected by tragedy. That’s what caught me when I saw this map from NBC News: I can read “200 square miles” in a news article and that sort of washes over me. But the map makes me stop and consider that this is going from […]

  • Election Day Should Not Be A National Holiday

    One of the nice things about importing decades-old blog posts is you can see how wrong you were how much you’ve grown. Take this post from April 2004: Why isn’t Election Day a national holiday? On the surface it seems like a decent idea. Democracy is good, holidays are good, what’s not to like? More voters […]

  • Talking Gutenberg at West Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup

    Talking Gutenberg at West Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup

    I will be speaking at the November meeting of the West Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 to talk about the Gutenberg block editor. WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to ship on November 19th, and will have the Gutenberg editor as the default. I’ll be leading demoing Gutenberg, leading an informal discussion, and […]

  • 🎃🤖

    Two WiFi pumpkin robots from friends: Ryan’s Pumpkin Pi shoots flames: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ryan Echlin (@ryanphotosstuff) Les’s makes faces: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Les Orchard (@l.m.orchard)    

  • Continuity Camera on macOS is Magic

    This is “it just works” territory stuff, in a way that hasn’t just worked in the past. Continuity Camera is a feature in macOS Whatevercodename2018 that lets you use your iPhone as a camera for your Mac. Preview uses this to let you quickly scan documents. When you open Preview and choose the “Import from […]

  • Arbitrary Stupid Goal

    I got an email from my library that Arbitrary Stupid Goal was ready to be picked up. I didn’t remember reserving it. I couldn’t even remember hearing about this book. I’m glad that me-from-the-past gave me this surprise homework assignment. After reading the first pages, I realized I had reserved it after seeing those same […]

  • Rustic Campsites in Michigan

    MLive’s 25 of Michigan’s must-visit rustic campgrounds is great, except for one thing. In a state as big as ours, location matters. So I mapped the campsites on that list. It’s pretty clear that almost all the rustic campsites are within a few hours of the Mackinac Bridge (the bridge that connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas). […]

  • Are You Sure You Are Registered To Vote?

    You might think you are registered, but today is the day to be sure. Go to’s Verification page. You can either fill out their form, or scroll down to your state’s verification page. Don’t show up to the polls in November and find out you’ve been purged from the database. Go check. Now.

  • 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture

    The 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture is coming up on October 15th. This year is the first time one of dad’s former students will be giving the lecture. Douglas Harris will be giving a lecture titled “Charter School City: What Detroit Can Learn From New Orleans”: The changes in New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina represent […]