Author: George Hotelling

  • Firefox Tip – Use the ^ Search Operator

    This list of 11 secret Firefox tips is fantastic! Number 2 will change your life! OK, that’s overselling it a lot. Many of those I already knew, but the second tip really is great: Search for a needle in a tabstack Tab hoarders, we see you. Heck, we are you. Don’t ever let anyone shame […]

  • Get Your Blog Posts on Mastodon

    Get Your Blog Posts on Mastodon

    Update Nov 7, 2022: Donncha wrote a similar guide to integrating WordPress and Mastodon that caught a key thing that I missed. If you’re following the instructions below, you’ll also want to install the WebFinger plugin. I didn’t seem to have problems without it but the Mastodon docs are pretty clear that WebFinger is needed […]

  • Open Source Ambilight LEDs on a Raspberry Pi for $100

    Open Source Ambilight LEDs on a Raspberry Pi for $100

    I made this for about $100 with a Raspberry Pi and no soldering: I’ve always thought that Philips Ambilight TVs were cool. They do what you see in that video: shine the edge colors past the TV. But it was always a “nice to have,” so when I was buying my TV I prioritized other […]

  • My First Time on the Other Side of the Screen

    My First Time on the Other Side of the Screen

    I messed up rules, I forgot what I said, and didn’t add any of the flavor descriptions I had planned. But, people had fun so that’s OK. After three years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, I survived my first session as a Dungeon Master.

  • Brent Simmons on why he’s not adding algorithmic timelines to NetNewsWire, his RSS reader: These kinds of algorithms optimize for engagement, and the quickest path to engagement is via the drugs outrage and anger — which require, and generate, bigger and bigger hits. This is what Twitter and Facebook are about — but it’s not […]

  • Imagine messing up a laptop camera so badly that a return to normalcy is literally a headline feature

  • Loneliness and Junk Social Media

    Loneliness and Junk Social Media

    I keep thinking about this video Jason Kottke linked to: The health effects of loneliness are well documented, but I’d never actually thought of it in biological terms. We hunger for connection in the same way we hunger for food, and we hurt when we are shunned in a very physical way. Jason’s analogy to […]

  • It’s Ridiculous That Your Company Doesn’t Give You a Paid Sabbatical

    Three months off work. Paid. Every five years. That’s the Automattic sabbatical program. And I can’t believe more companies don’t do this. The Automattic sabbatical is a benefit where every employee is encouraged to take 3 months off every five years at the company. (We’re hiring people passionate about the web, just so you know.) […]

  • Best LAN Party Games in 2019

    We had our LAN party and it was grand. Online play can only replicate so much of the experience of gaming together. There are still plenty of good LAN games, here’s what we played: Alien Swarm – A great 4 player co-op game from the Left 4 Dead team, we had 2 games going. It’s […]

  • LAN Party Game Suggestions?

    What are the best PC games for LAN parties right now? I am #blessed to have a group of friends that gets together for a yearly LAN. There is a magical synergy that occurs when everyone is playing the same game together, with no splinter factions. I would love to get any suggestions on cheap/free […]