Author: George Hotelling

  • How to verify your WordPress site on Mastodon

    How to verify your WordPress site on Mastodon

    If you prefer this in video form, I’ve created a screencast that shows the steps to get verified on Mastodon: When you look at someone’s profile on Mastodon, you might see that they have a green check mark next to their links: That means Mastodon has confirmed that the link is controlled by the person […]

  • Mastodon is the new Google Reader

    Mastodon is the new Google Reader

    I’m optimistic about Mastodon, the open-source federated Twitter clone, but even more optimistic about ActivityPub. Together, they can bring back the heyday of Google Reader. Your friend tells you to join Mastodon and you’re like “ok where do I sign up?” and then your friend sends you a manifesto about things like “federation” instead of […]

  • Two Things All Weather Apps Get Wrong

    Two Things All Weather Apps Get Wrong

    I haven’t tried all the weather apps, but all the ones I’ve tried get these two things wrong. I’ve been trying to find or come up with a term for the first one, “Cold Front Day” is probably the best I’ve found and it helps to have a name for it. While we’re on the […]

  • RSS in 2022

    RSS in 2022

    My friend Adam recently asked me about the RSS feeds I consume, so I thought it was a good time to do the equivalent of a 2022 blogroll post. The orange RSS icons in this post link directly to RSS feeds you can subscribe to. If you don’t have a way to follow RSS feeds, […]

  • Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Just in time for the shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), my solar panels are live! First off, solar panels make financial sense right now. I would see solar panels on people’s houses and wonder how much more people are spending just to lower their “carbon footprint” (a term made up by […]

  • A thing about my sabbatical and sleep

    I am back to work, after three months of paid sabbatical. I should probably write more about it at some point, but until then here’s something I noticed early on. I have a thing where I wake up overnight and ruminate, often about work. I worry about something from the day before or the next […]

  • Scooter


    We had to say goodbye to Scooter on Friday. He was 13. It was a rough week. We euthanized Yoshi in our home on Monday. That day Scooter started limping. It wasn’t anything new. He was part Shar-Pei and would get Shar-Pei fever from time to time. It would clear up in 24-36 hours and […]

  • Yoshi


    Our best guess is that Yoshi was part Shar-Pei and part Lab. He got his stubborness and curly tail from his Shar-Pei side and his shedding from his Lab side. He loved to curl up with his humans. It was an honor to wake up with him balled up in the crook of your legs […]

  • this-is-fine.eml


    This is a legitimate email from a Legitimate Financial Institution that I was expecting, but I don’t know what I could change it to make it look more like a phishing scam. We’ve spent the last 20 years teaching people not to open email attachments but I guess Raytheon’s Cybersecurity company didn’t hear about that? […]

  • Firefox Tip – Use the ^ Search Operator

    This list of 11 secret Firefox tips is fantastic! Number 2 will change your life! OK, that’s overselling it a lot. Many of those I already knew, but the second tip really is great: Search for a needle in a tabstack Tab hoarders, we see you. Heck, we are you. Don’t ever let anyone shame […]