Everyday Carry Lost & Found Edition

Things I try to keep in my pockets and the number of times I’ve lost them:

Times Lost Times Found
ThruNite Ti3 flashlight 2
Apple AirPods
Tinker Swiss Army Knife 4

There’s something to be said for having stuff in your pockets, until it falls out. I’m still miffed about the fact that “Find My AirPods” only seems to work when they are out of the charging case.

CLI Web tools

I’ve been finding some fun command-line tools for messing with JSON. I really love getting a good shell data pipe together with sed, awk, etc. These are some handy tools for handling curl output:

  • jq – “sed for JSON files.” Query and filter JSON.
  • gron – “Make JSON greppable” – outputs JSON in a way that makes it easy to grep, then you can pipe that through gron again to get JSON
  • pup – “Parsing HTML at the command line” – Run CSS-like selector queries against HTML, looks like an easy way to do one-off screen-scrapers.


  • Short’s Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout – I have never seen this on shelves before St. Patrick’s day. A little less body than I remember and a roasty aftertaste.
  • Dairy King – local ice cream shop that was once named something similar. They take credit cards now. Before you use Facebook as your website, see how it looks when you don’t have an account.
  • Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – We are about halfway through Amazon’s sci-fi anthology. It doesn’t hurt as bad as Black Mirror.
  • Best Buy – Best Buy lets you give them up to three electronics items per day to recycle. It’s handy for things that aren’t worth selling/donating


Given all the bulleted lists in this roundup, I’m wondering if I should be putting this in a PowerPoint. I have a couple longer-form thoughts I’m trying to flesh out, I think they’d weight this post down.

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