Did you know that there are 17,500 anagrams for “George Hotelling”? If you are doing the math right now, you’ll probably come up with a different number because we are working off different word lists. For example, my word list includes “Google”. Did you know “Googler Eel Thing” is an anagram for “George Hotelling”?

Now that I have a list of anagrams, I wanted to automate changing my Twitter username to an anagram periodically. I set up a script to do that, but had to choose the frequency. After messing around for a bit, I realized that 17,500 was almost exactly the number of hours in 2 years (17,520 or 17,544 hours, depending on which years). So, for the next 2 years (or until Twitter blocks my script) (or until my bot fails) (or until I give up) you can pop over to @revgeorge for your hourly anagram fix.

Code is also up on GitHub.

“Rhino Egg Lot Glee” signing off.

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