I have not purchased yet, but wanted some more insight. I reached out to IKEA Customer Care and got this reply:

You are correct the power supply units are primarily the cause, but not in every case.

IKEA has identified potentially defective Power Supply Units (PSUs) for our BEKANT underframes as having the date stamps 1502, 1506 & 1507. These date stamps can be read on the label located on the PSU itself.

Since you are strongly considering a purchase of the BEKANT desk please note you are welcome to visit our store and meet with one of our store coworkers and ascertain if your product has one of these date stamps prior to purchase. If so you are encouraged to pull another desk from quantity to purchase that of course would not have that date stamp.

In your case you will have the information proactively to hopefully avoid any potential product failure. The incidents you have researched are of course post purchase issues that we are rectifying by way of our 10year warranty. In either case you will be covered under both the warranty as well as our 365 return or exchange policy.

Doesn’t make much sense that they are not recalling the affected PSUs and relying on customers having to return (potentially returning the entire desk even!).