The spammers keep getting cleverer and cleverer. A blog that will remain nameless let its domain name expire. A black-hat SEO spammer bought up the domain, which is pretty common. What surprised me was what happened next.
The spammer must have realized that there was a blog previously at that URL. So they installed a special version of WordPress for SEO spammers (I won’t link it here, get in touch if you’re really curious) and even published a feed at the exact same URL as the previous RSS feed. When I opened up Google Reader, the long-dormant RSS feed sprang to life with 10 new posts.
I was excited that the blog was back until I read the first one. Once I realized what was going on, I was impressed by the spammer’s ingenuity and pissed off that they’ve found yet another way to intrude on me. I’m so sick of spammers, I wish I could someone could tell me how to get a green card to somewhere they didn’t exist.

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