Houses cheaper than cars in Detroit
“At least 16 Detroit houses up for sale on Sunday sold for $30,000 or less.

A boarded-up bungalow on the city’s west side brought $1,300. A four-bedroom house near the original Motown recording studio sold for $7,000.”

Even better is the MetaFilter discussion about that link (and others): Will The Last Person To Leave Detroit Please Turn Out The Lights?

Congressman: Parts Of Iraq Are As Safe As Detroit
What’s great about this is that the analogy is arguing that 80% of Iraq and Detroit are “reasonably under control” which means the guy is using Detroit as a point somewhere on the line between IEDs and Broadway musicals. I think he meant it as a sign of progress in Iraq but the Detroiters aren’t too happy with where they are on that line.
Man Accused Of Drunken Driving On Golf Cart
The golf cart had a winch and plow secured to the front, bicycle lights used as headlights and brake lights, and plastic curtains that hung on the sides and the front as a windscreen, Local 4 reported.

A butane heater and CD player were turned on inside the golf cart.

According to the police report, Vanbuskirk replied to a question about who can legally drive a golf cart on the road, saying, “Gov. Granholm.”

Top 10 Best / Worst Cities For Software Developer Pay
When you adjust for cost of living expenses, software developers in Detroit (I assume the metro area) make better money than those in Silicon Valley or New York:

Metro Salary Cost of Living Adjusted Salary
New York $89,370 177 $50,492
San Jose $99,250 192 $51,693
San Francisco $92,570 206 $44,937
Detroit $75,250 95 $79,211


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  1. OTOH, Detroit led the region in new housing starts in both 2005 and 2006, several projects are underway in downtown and Midtown, JC Penney just announced that they’d be the anchor tenant in an $80m shopping center on Woodward, and builders in the region are reporting that Detroit’s the best place to find work in the region these days.
    My dad grew up in Detroit, and my mom in Grosse Pointe, just across Alter Road; we wandered around Detroit a bit last year, and both of them said that this was the first time in their lives when they could say Detroit looked like it was doing better than the previous time they were there.
    I find it somewhere between depressing and infuriating how out-of-touch the metafilter thread is. Nothing that will guarantee Detroit’s demise – and from there Michigan – faster than willful denial of the good things that are actually happening. Yes, life has been rough for 30 years, but that’s no excuse for pooping on anything good that’s happening.

  2. The hyperbole is a bit irritating. I spend a lot of time in the city, and even some time in some fairly rough neighborhoods, but on the scale of things to be worried about I count having a car radio stolen as being pretty far below IEDs on the danger scale.

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