I got the inkling bug. inkling is a site for prediction markets; basically you buy and sell stocks with funny money based on what you think will happen. Wisdom of the crowds, power of many, all that jazz. First Ed Vielmetti got bit, then Brian Kerr started trading, and now I’m doing it.

The two questions I’m trying to answer both relate to technology adoption. I want to know if Jabber and OpenID will make it big in the next six months. So I created these two markets:



I like this over O’reilly’s Buzz Game since, as Ed pointed out, with inkling anyone can ask a question. Of course, the more people who participate in inkling the more accurate the predictions, so go sign up and put your money where your mouth is.

One response to “inkling predictions for OpenId and Jabber”

  1. The diversity of markets is really what makes inkling so fun. Currently invested in tech, lunch, library, movie, political, and natural disaster markets. There wasn’t much to do with Buzz Game besides invest in your pet hype and get bored.

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