I’m trying to move hotelling.net from Network Solutions to another registrar. I initiated the move, and now NetSol keeps having me email customer support. Here’s part of their latest email to me, emphasis mine:

Thank you for contacting Network Solutions Quality Processing Department. We have received your request to transfer HOTELLING.NET to [my new registrar].

For the protection of our customers, in certain instances we ask for confirmation of a domain name transfer request from the Primary Contact as listed in Account Manager. Please respond to this email from the following email address [my DNS contact email] to approve the transfer.

Thank you for using Network Solutions.


Robert F.

Quality Processing Specialist

Network Solutions


Please do not reply to this e-mail.

Great, so no matter what I do they can show I did the wrong thing. Beurocratalicious.

Update 2006-10-05: I called NetSol to find out what was up, and they said I had to wait for another email before they would allow the transfer, which could take up to 5 business days. I pointed out that my domain didn’t have 5 business days left, so the customer rep gave me a free 15 days extension to sort it out. Plus, they manually approved the transfer, so I didn’t even have to wait for the transfer. NetSol did me right.

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