I won the Pizzigati Prize for my work on CitizenSpeak!

I’m completely stoked that I won the first annual Pizzigati Prize for non-profit open source software for my work on CitizenSpeak! The family of Antonio Pizzigati established the prize to reward open source developers in the non-profit sector.
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First off, thank you Jenny for all your love and support that made all of this possible. I want to thank the Pizzigati family, the advisory panel and the Tides Foundation—especially Sarah Lohrius—for this tremendous honor. I also want to thank Jo Lee for guiding the project, Eric Gundersen at Development Seed for his design work and technical help with the site and Pablo Calamera for developing the original CitizenSpeak. It’s because of all of you and all the people I’m forgetting that CitizenSpeak is what it is.

I know it’s cliché to say it’s just an honor to be nominated, but come on, look at the other finalists! CivicSpace and CiviCRM are huge successes, and both are part of the ecosystem that CitizenSpeak swims in. Another developer for Martus won a MacArthur Genius award! How can you not be excited to be in such heady company?

Finally, note that this is the first annual award. Open source developers: I strongly recommend you look in to submitting your work for the 2007 award. Anyone interested in non-profit tech: The Tides Foundation is looking for ways to make next years award even better, and they need your help. They’re looking for donations (they are a non-profit, after all), people to spread the word about the award, and feedback from the community; so go to their forums and let them know what you think!

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  1. Congrats! I was trolling through the N-Ten site looking for something and saw this in the news. You probably don’t remember me but I attended a couple PHP user group meetings at TAP Internet(back in the day). You gave a presentation at one. Again, way to go!

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