XBox Media CenterI finally installed XBox Media Center this weekend and I’m thoroughly geeked. It plays just about anything, and I wasn’t expecting the picture quality to be so damn good. I realize I’m a little late to the game, but so be it.

I followed ProductWiki’s guide to soft-modding and was able to get through it with minimal teeth gnashing. The main reason I hadn’t modded before was the pain it is to figure out which mod chip you have to buy, install it, etc. so this soft mod guide was exactly what I needed.

So now that I’ve caught up with what the Makers were doing 4 years ago, does anyone have any recommendations for cool add-ons for XBMC?

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  1. Hey George, I just purchased a used xbox and thought about doing this too. How has it been running for you, in the few weeks you’ve had it updated?

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