Until del.icio.us comes back to life I guess I’ll have to share my links the old-fashioned way: link blogging.

Expect this post to be updated until del comes back.

Helacyton gartleri – Disenchanted Dictionary
“Is this a new species? In 1991 the scientific community decided it was, and blessed HeLa [cancer] cells with its own genus and species: Helacyton gartleri, named by Van Valen & Maiorana.”
libcaca – Colour AsCii Art library
Better AAlib for better ascii art, patches for SDL and VLC available (and a great name to boot)
Stay Free! Daily: How Hip Health Plan helps breed superbugs
Holy cats, an HMO is breeding super-diseases by not authorizing complete antibiotics. This isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous to the whole human race.

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