CitizenSpeak: your campaign
In the announcement yesterday I wrote that I would be blogging more about CitizenSpeak, and with this post the prophesy has come to pass.

Organizations have had tools like Capitol Advantage to create advocacy campaigns for quite some time. Those tools aren’t necessarily accessible for small or ad-hoc efforts due to the cost involved. CitizenSpeak offers a subset of their features — email-only campaigns and reporting — for free.

Now, when a blogger gets a bug up their butt about something that needs public outcry to fix (i.e. a proposed porch-couch ban in Ann Arbor, MI) they have a tool that will let them create a campaign and send all their readers to join in.

Even better, since its a GPL licensed module, anyone with a Drupal or CivicSpace can create their own campaign center. It can also build on things we chose to leave out of the site; things like categories, comments or any of the add-on modules that Drupal supports.

I can’t wait to see what other sites do with the module.

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