Searching is slow, finding links by tags is fast. Always look for a bookmark by tag first, then search when that fails, and then fix the tags.

For instance, I was looking for Notes on developing a web service API so I typed into my address bar. When it didn’t show up, I searched for WebJay and found the link.

Here’s the minor magic: instead of going directly to the link I edited it to add what I had initially guessed it would be tagged as. That way I’ll be able to find it by tag next time, which is a lot faster than searching, since I have a pretty good idea what tag I’ll be using next time.

Not rocket science, just a good habit to get into.

Of course next time I need that specific link I’ll probably just go to my search bar instead of my address bar, because I remember what I blogged better than what I bookmarked. But that’s just me and my crazy, kooky brain but you get the general principle.


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