10year.pngThe Opera web browser turned 10 today. Opera is the browser that created tabbed browsing, and is best known as the web browser that still costs money. That’s not entirely true—you can also run it for free if you agree to have Google Ads displayed in the browser on every page you visit. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (x86, PPC and Sparc), FreeBSD and Solaris. It’s the only browser I know of that ships with a BitTorrent client built in.

As a birthday gift to the world, Opera is giving away free serial numbers for their software to remove the annoying ads. Go to their registration form and enter your email address, and it will display your serial numbers for each platform. This will only work today, 30 Aug 2005, Opera’s 10th birthday. If you are remotely involved with web development I strongly urge you to get Opera today and try it out. Do it. Now.

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  1. Also, one could argue that Opera 8 (current version) is much improved over previous (Macintosh) versions.
    So if you’ve used Opera in the past and turned away in disgust / despair, it might be worth a revisit.

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