Google SMSMy girlfriend and I are sitting in a semi-darkened theater on Thursday night. The ticket says 9:45 PM, it was now that time and we had just finished watching 10 minutes of commercials. Instead of the movie, we get an in-depth ad for Ron Howard’s new movie and a great big view of Ron Howard. He is not looking good, probably because they didn’t bother with makeup for what is destined to become a DVD extra.

We can’t get over how bad he looks, like he’s a junkie one fix away from hitting bottom. I say it must be age, figuring that Opie was in black and white so it must have been quite a while ago. She says he isn’t that old. Normally this would be an impasse and we would move on.

With no interest in the Ron Howard featurette, I send an SMS saying “Ron howard age” to 46645 and get an immediate response saying

Q&A: Ron Howard Date of Birth:1 March 1954 Source

And yes, my phone is on silent.

Small things like that are what Howard Rheingold has been writing about for a while. If I can find out something as arbitrary as Ron Howard’s birth date from somewhere as disconnected as a movie theater seat, our entire relationship to information is changing. Kudos to Google for succeeding to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


4 responses to “Always on Google”

  1. I’m definitely a fan of bold main thoughts. This is the second time i’ve recently realized how cool this is.
    Sadly… Men’s Health, Maxim, or some other mildly despicable publication was that first.

  2. I have become amazed at how addicted I am to google. If I ever have kids, I can see myself off in the future telling them “I remember when only smart people would know stuff” 😉

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