One of the hard things about searching the web by keyword is that sometimes you want to find things with a specific relationship. Take Drupal’s module list for example. I want to know when there are new modules available, which is perfect for RSS.

There’s plenty of information about Drupal modules that make RSS, but it’s hard to find something about getting the module list in RSS. I’m sure the capitalized Semantic Web will make that easy, but until that happens I guess I’ll just have to roll my own.

So I set up an RSS feed at I scrape the page once a day (technically once a night in EDT, once an early morning in UTC, once a…) and make a fresh new RSS feed. If you know of any Drupal users/developers, you might want to let them know.


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  1. I am one of the core Drupal developers, and I am busy working on a versioning / installation framework for Drupal, from which we want to build rss feeds of all the available modules / themes for each version, with direct integration into the admin system.
    So you’re right , the problem is ideal for RSS … and we are working on it .. but it will be a 4.7 thing, which is only expected in another 6 months at least =)

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