Snow + Tulips

It snowed a lot on Sunday. While this isn’t unheard of in April, a lot of people thought that winter was over because on Tuesday it was 81°. A lot of people write it off as “LOL it’s just Michigan weather” but I think that’s a cop-out and that plenty of other places have unpredictable weather and people who say that desperately want to believe that they don’t live in a flyover.

Anyway, see if you can spot a common theme in these posts that I spotted on the ArborBlogs picture aggregator (Scott, linked below as S. S. Trudeau, picked up on it too):

(As an aside, when I’m signed into Yahoo! and they know damn well what my ZIP code is and I go to Yahoo! Weather, why don’t they just show me the damn weather? Am I the only person who goes there for the weather around me? Are there that many people going there to find weather in places they aren’t that they need to provide a general view of the weather?)

Update Sep 16, 2005: I hear that Yahoo! doesn’t infer ZIP codes or birthdays (for, Yahoo Astrology, for example) from user info because those are used for password reset requests. While I certainly appreciate the thought Yahoo gives to security and identity in general, I wonder if life would be better if there was no overlap between “general facts” and “protected information.” Yahoo has almost certainly given this issue more attention than me and concluded that the general public needs some overlap in the balance between security and usability, but I hope that they are considering what Bruce Schneier has to say on the subject as well.


4 responses to “Happy Snow-On-Tulips Day!”

  1. Yeah, I noticed the same theme. Of course I even took the same picture myself, but once I saw the ubiquity of snow-covered tulips on local blogs I decided it was best to keep it to myself, hehe…

  2. I thought it might be fun to make prints out of as many of the snow/tulip photos as I could and turn them into a collage or something. I think it is kind of cool that so many people all took pictures of the same thing. It kind of reminds me of how connected we all are.

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