I’ve got a bunch of Firefox extensions installed so I thought I’d take the old “what’s on your dock” meme and apply it to the browser. So here’s my extension menu:

BugMeNot is the best extension ever. BugMeNot is the best website ever. It gives you passwords to all those “registration required” sites and even fills out the form for you.
All it does is let you subscribe to RSS feeds in Bloglines using Firefox’s RSS button. Simple and effective.
About site
Provides links in the right-click menu to find out more about a site, like who’s linking to it and how much traffic it gets.
Web Developer
The Web Developer toolbar is great for anyone who has to deal with HTML. It’s also handy for finding named anchors in a page or turning POST forms into GETs in case you want to link to something.
Live HTTP Headers
Another geeky extension that lets you see what Firefox and a web server are saying to each other.
Like BugMeNot, an extension that threatens to change the web. It runs little bits of code on pages to make them better, like a bookmarklet that gets clicked for you automatically. They have tons of scripts for tons of sites. Maybe I’ll do another post with my list of Greasemonkey scripts installed.
I don’t have anything against Flash, but Firefox for OS X has a bug that can cause Flash to kill the whole browser. I think they plan to have it fixed for Firefox 1.5. Until then, Flashblock.
Whenever it comes across a raw RSS feed, it styles the page to look something like Safari’s RSS display. Check out the screenshot.
Deepest Sender
For all my LJ drama needs.
I mostly use it to find out if its going to rain tomorrow, but I’m not sure that rain really affects someone like me who is inside so much.
Saves your tabs (history and cookies too) so that if you quit or crash Firefox, it’ll start up exactly where you left off. Note to self: if Flash gets around Flashblock and starts crashing the browser something fierce, copy the URLs from prefs.js (Found via mathowie)
Link Toolbar
Firefox ditched Mozilla’s link toolbar, this puts one in the bottom right corner. Some pages (like this one, for instance) have “next” and “previous” links embedded that can be navigated with this toolbar. (Found via jwz)
Displays image metadata on JPEGs if it’s available. You can find out cool stuff like what camera a person has. (Also via jwz)

I noticed while writing up this post that some of my extensions are out of date, I’m updating them now. If you know of any killer extensions that I’m missing, let me know in the comments.


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  1. Spellbound is a pretty hand little extension (currently v0.7.3) that simply adds a right-click (or option+click on a Mac I guess, for you George) menu item in FireFox for spell checking. The menu item opens up a nicely thought-out spell check of your form text. You have all the usual options of skipping, adding words, etc. Great for long, complex posts that I’m prone to writing.

  2. I second Adblock, and I would add downTHEMall!, which lets you download all files on a page just by specifying an extension to look for — very useful when browsing pages of mp3 downloads, etc. When you trigger it, it pops up its own progress bar so you can track its progress.

  3. Re: ForecastFox
    “I mostly use it to find out if its going to rain tomorrow, but I’m not sure that rain really affects someone like me who is inside so much.”
    Unless you want to know how the weather may affect your commute. =)

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  5. ForecastFox’s new weather radar feature is great down here in Galveston, TX where the T-storms can come up pretty quick. I’m on a bicycle, so I care.

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  7. Hi, but with all these extension what about performance. I disabled my extensions some weeks ago because I got the feeling that they slow down Firefox. Do you have the same experience? Or is it another thing which slows down Firefox?

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  9. Adblocker, ForecastFox, BlogThis, ieView, Copy Plain Text, FoxyTunes, Pix2Fone (not for prOn), SmoothWheel (not really that smooth).

  10. One I really like is Scrollbar Anywhere. Hold down the right mouse key anywhere on the screen, and it’s like you’re clicking on the scrollbar. You can also configure it to drag rather than scroll, which is the way I use it. It’s handy because Firefox uses the mousewheel to close tabs, rather than displaying the little scroll dealie in IE. This is a very good alternative.
    I also have IEview, Popup ALT attribute, Enhanced History Manager, Dictionary Search, Flashblock, and miniT.

  11. Linkification, Resize Search Box, Chatzilla, QuickNote (very useful note taking extension w/advanced features), TrashMail (create disposable email addy), StumbleUpon, Hyperwords, Back Is Close (turns the Back button to Close Window in right context menu if no page to go back to), CustomizeGoogle, Well Rounded (rounds the the search and url box), and as just found here, FxIF (nice).

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