I think it’s actually anti-copyleft, or rather, perhaps, pointing out the seeming irony of a copyleft t-shirt..
Read the text in the blackbox
“America’s symbols of suburban consumption make prime targets.”
Of course, the target is the kid wearing this symbol on his shirt, which he most likely purchased/consumed somewhere, at some point.
Also, mentioning suburban and having this be the symbol makes the case that copyleft is a uniquely middle-to-upper class phenomenon. Kids in the ghetto, most likely, don’t care about this issue as much as kids in the burbs, with their file-sharing communities, and t-shirt purchases appear to.
Also, by pointing out the nature of the phenomenon(mid/upper class), they are pointing out the class “struggles” that lurks below the surface, both with regards to the “terrorists” and copyleft.
They may also be making a point on co-option by corporate power of the symbols of the underground. Would a kid in a copyleft shirt really be walking around in a mall? If he is, does he actually really care about copyleft, or is it just a cool trend for him?
Or maybe someone just thought it looked nice and threw it in…