Last night I moved Restoring the Balance to WordPress. Restoring the Balance is my reBlog where I track changes in copyright, patent and trademark. Since I get editorial control, it’s largely about Internet copyright stuff, but them’s the breaks.
This was my first exposure to WordPress and it has a lot going for it. It’s cleanly designed and offers link and image management. It uses PHP for the templates, which is either good or bad depending on your opinion of PHP for layout. The biggest drawback is having to have a separate WordPress installation for each blog, but I hear they’re working on having multiple blogs from one installation. It’s a lot easier for Movable Type to do this because it just needs to build static pages somewhere, WordPress needs its display templates somewhere.
The default reFeed page wasn’t really doing it for me, and I figured it would be appropriate to use a GPL blogging program for Restoring the Balance. It also gives me flexability for feeds, I spotted good posts from Ask Metafilter and Gizmodo early on, but the volume of both feeds became overwhelming. I can now remove them without losing the reBlogged posts.

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