George – I agree, and I think I probably just wasn’t being clear. I feel that Berners-Lee wanting an open system was no more altruistic than my having my phone number published or my typing in my web address in the field above. It was simply that he wanted something he could use for communications purposes. He may very well had the intent to give away the markup rules only to later make money off of something that made use of them (think Adobe and .pdf or Gillette and razors). I’m sure the fame hasn’t hurt his bank account. Anyway, I think we’re on the same track here, even if I’m not conveying my meaning so clearly.
I mainly just wanted to make a comment on how some people view everything with dollar-sign eyes. They don’t grasp that sometimes things might be done for other reasons, such as making communications with friends and colleagues a little more convenient, and without any immediate monetary benefit. There are people, who without evidence of personal profit, will not recognize anything as worthwhile. I also wasn’t meaning to imply that WWW and the internet are interchangeable, as they most certainly are not.