Another day, another Movable Type plugin. This one is kind of complex, so let’s start with the problem as outlined by Matt Haughey:

In spring of 2003, I started an experiment where I would trackback all the comments I left on other sites back to a special category here, so I could keep a public, running tally of offsite comments. It was a pain and as much as I tried to automate it with custom submit forms and javascript bookmarklets, it was a manual operation and I am busy/lazy enough where anything remotely manual gets dropped eventually.

He later suggests that RSD be used to collect these TrackBacks.

PostedElsewhere sends those TrackBacks automagically. It uses RSD to identify where to send a TrackBack when someone comments on your site. It’s up to you to set yourself up to receive the comment TrackBacks.

Download PostedElsewhere 0.1

Because it uses Movable Type 3’s callbacks, and because I haven’t upgraded yet, you can’t test it out here. However, I set up a blog with it installed at Leave a comment there if you want to test out your RSD file and TrackBack handler.


PostedElsewhere – Plugin for Moveable Type


A callback plugin that sends a TrackBack ping when a comment is posted to a URL specified by the comment author.


Moveable Type 3.1 or higher

Tested on Movable Type 3.14

Perl Modules

  • LWP::Simple
  • HTML::Parser
  • XML::LibXML
  • URI


Put in the plugins directory for your Moveable Type installation and make sure that the permissions make it readable by the web server. See for more information.


When someone posts a comment PostedElsewhere will check for an RSD file linked from the comment author’s URL. If it finds one, it will look for an API with the name PostedElsewhere. If it finds that, it will submit aTrackBack to the link for the entry.

To receive TrackBack pings when you post a comment, the blog you post on must support the PostedElsewhere RSD API name. Also, you must add a line like this to the RSD file linked from the URL you left in the comment:

<api name=&quot;PostedElsewhere&quot; apiLink=&quot;; />

To have these pings posted to a blog use a program like Ben Hammersley’s LazyWeb at


The problem this is attempting to solve is described at

More about RSD is at


Needs lots of testing, this should not be considered stable yet. Please send corrections, suggestions and feedback to george at hotelling dot net.


This program is copyright 2005 George Hotelling and licensed under the GPL General Public License.

2 responses to “PostedElsewhere”

  1. You know, I hate to say this too late, but there seems like there’d be a possible spammer exploit due to the RSD revealing where my trackback posting script is. If spammers figured out that the RSD address equals showing up on my website somewhere, there could be some automated scripts that crawl for the RSD to spam folks, right?

  2. I was thinking about spam, but I don’t think it’s any more attractive than normal TrackBack spam. It also has the downside of generally being stripped of HTML and usually being truncated at a couple hundred characters. Even if spammers choose to target people this way, I think that existing TrackBack anti-spam tools like MT-Blacklist would work, assuming that the target of your TrackBack was a blog.

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