Technorati announced their new tag search engine recently (more info on that), so I’ve written a Movable Type plugin that will take an entry’s Keywords field and turn them into Technorati tags. If you want to see it in action, look at the sidebar on the top right of this entry.

Download TechnoratiTags 0.3 (zip)

Update: If you have the PerlScript plugin already installed you can achieve the same effect with these instructions.

Update 2: If you’re looking for a more general purpose keyword plugin, check out MTKeywordList which loops over the keywords.

Update 2005-05-05: Jan Theofel created a PHP function for Movable Type 3’s dynamic publishing, which is now included. Thanks Jan!


TechnoratiTags – Plugin for Moveable Type


A variable plugin that outputs an entry’s keywords as Technorati Tags. For more information see

Technorati already adds tags for entry categories but this allows you to add free-form tags for each entry.


Moveable Type 2.2 or higher
Tested on Movable Type 2.661 and 3.14


Put in the plugins directory for your Moveable Type installation and make sure that the permissions make it readable by the web server.

Now, make sure that Movable Type is pinging Technorati by following the instructions at

You may also want to customize your New Entry form to display the keyword field. Choose New Entry then at the bottom of the form click the link Customize the display of this page. On the form that pops up choose Custom and then check all the fields you want to display, including Keywords. Click the Save button.

To use TechnoratiTags as a plugin for dynamic publishing, put
function.MTTechnoratiTags.php in /php/plugin


Add keywords for your post separated by spaces. For example, the TechnoratiTags plugin might get these tags: technorati tags MovableType Note that Movable Type was turned into one word: MovableType. If it had been spelled with the space, the entry would have been tagged with Movable and Type but not Movable Type.

In your template add


where you want to display tags. By default it outputs the links with the class TechnoratiTags but you can optionally override this with the class attribute:

<$MTTechnoratiTags class=&quot;someotherclass&quot;$>

For more advanced formatting use Brad Choate’s IfEmpty plugin from

For example:

<MTIfNotEmpty var=&quot;EntryKeywords&quot;>


<MTIfNotEmpty var=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;>


Added PHP plugin for dynamic publishing provided by Jan Theofel
There was a bug when an entry didn’t have keywords that is now fixed.


I can’t tell from Technorati’s site whether the tags need to be on the individual entry archive template or the main index template or what.


This program is copyright 2005 George Hotelling and licensed under the GPL General Public License.

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  1. Nicely done George, and thanks for linking to my tutorial as well. It will be interesting to see if this tagging concept takes off. It certainly holds promise if the spammers don’t ruin it for everyone.

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  4. Just wondering – Does this need to be in the entry body in order for technorati to pick it up? How long does it take for the ping to get recognized? I’ve got mine in the “posted” class that also contains the permalink, comments link, etc. — but haven’t seen any of my tags get picked up yet…

  5. Noted – and I finally have fortune enough to procure it in the coming days. But there is also a section in the weblog config Publicity/Remote Interfaces/Trackback for mt 2.66 and earlier(?) that has a space for automatic pings. Mine apparently hasn’t been working 100% of the time – and sometimes works 200% (2x pings)of the time. So there — I’ve answered my own comment. (sheepishly kicks pebble)

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  25. Great plug! I’m testing it now and have a question. Is it possible to use compound tags – a multiple word tag such as “Karl Rove” or “space shuttle”? I tried inserting a “+” between the words, but it doesn’t have the desired result.

  26. I’m using your plugin at my vlog but Technorati doesn’t seem to be picking me up. I ping them every time I post, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I have the tags set to display on my index page as well as my individual archives. Any known bugs like this?
    For example, on yesterday’s post
    I tagged it “computer_voice” but as you can see, there are no such tags at technorati:

  27. Building on your excellent script I created a version of the script. Would you like to publish it on your site or would you rather I publish it and host it on mine? Obviously giving you all the credit.

  28. As Waveflux said, having a way of tagging two words with quotes or something (pehaps comma delmited instead of space delimited?) And also defining a separator for the generated
    tag1 | tag2 | tag3 | tag4
    etc. Great plugin!

  29. Nice work on the tag but it is not helping much.
    Instead of scraping the HTML, Technorati fetches one of the RSS feeds and uses any category there AUTOMATICALLY as tag.

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  32. The example you give is incorrect. Here’s what I did to get it to work:
    <MTIfNonEmpty tag=”EntryKeywords”>
    <p>Technorati Tags: <$MTTechnoratiTags$></p>

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