Got a Mac? OK, here’s three applications you need to install if you haven’t already, based on your faith in me alone. I’m asking 15 minutes of your time max.
First, install QuickSilver. Don’t ask what it is or what it does because I’m not going to bother explaining it. Once it’s installed (or if you’re the paranoid sort) read Quicksilver – A Better OS X In Just 10 Minutes and follow along with the steps. Yes, follow along and hit the buttons, make muscle memory work for you.
QuickSilver is pretty cool, so is Instiki. It’s a free, browser-based Wiki that is almost as elegant as a native app and runs locally. On OS X, it “just works.” Once it’s installed, there will be a “Wiki” dropdown in your menubar by the time. Play with it.
Now the reason I’m freaking out – An Instiki plugin for Quicksilver (via Merlin). Instantly pull up any page on your personal wiki. Hawt. You’ll also need to install the PyObjC plugin from the Quicksilver Plugins page, but it’s painless.
Information wants to be free, but now it’s downright slutty – at least in the sense that it’s free and easy.

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