In the first PodCast I’m willing to listen to, First Crack interviews Ben Tesch, the captain at the helm of RIAA Radar and Mixmatcher. Why is the RIAA Radar important?
Ford is refusing to sell Crown Victoria Police Interceptors to police in Okaloosa County, Florida because the police are suing Ford over problems with the Crown Vic. Ford had to go to court to defend their right not to sell to someone who is filing a suit against them.
I won’t argue that Ford is in the right, but it’s completely understandable Ford doesn’t want to do business with someone who is suing them. Luckily, as music consumers we don’t need to go to court to affirm our right not to do business with an organization that is suing the public. While the RIAA hasn’t been terribly successful with their lawsuits, I’m not interested in sending my money into their corporate lawyers’ pockets. The RIAA Radar makes me an informed consumer.

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