Yeah, and a lot of those “budget” laptops (like the low-end Dells) are just rebranded OEM piles of crap. I think Winbook was one of the first manufacturers of that stuff… my mom got a Winbook when they first became affordable (“only” $1800 for a 486/66 with a whopping 4MB of RAM and a passive-matrix grayscale display!).
Also, USB was already a well-established component standard before Apple used it as the sole expansion port on the original iMac. It’s just that nobody made components for it, until Apple finally gave them a market (since PC users were still all like “Why bother with USB when I already have two RS-232 ports, and can add more ports with a $10 card if I run out?” and so on). Ironically, USB was designed by Intel. (So was PCI, another standard which Apple seemed to push more quickly than PC manufactuers, who were content with VESA Local Bus and ISA at the time when Apple got fed up with NuBus.)