Just a reminder that election day should be a national holiday. I think that a higher voter turnout benefits the entire country, and hopefully it is no longer a partisan issue.
Please contact your Senators and tell them that you are in support of S.726, especially if you are from Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts or Michigan – states that the bill already has cosponsors from.
Here is the email I sent to Debbie Stabenow, one of my Senators and the original sponsor of the bill:

Sen. Stabenow,
I am writing to encourage you to pursue S.726, which would make Election Day a national holiday. The recent election showed how much pride Americans gain from voting in large numbers, and the strength of our patriotism when we do. It is time to build on that turnout and make Democracy Day a reality.
It also showed that a high electoral turnout isn’t a partisan issue, and I hope it would now be easier to gain Republican support.
George Hotelling

[Update: You can track this bill at the very cool GovTrack. It’s like Nagios for the US government!]
[Update 2: There’s also a bill in the house H.R. 1508]

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