A friend of mine just informed me that Blue Cross only covers rehab courses if it is an emergency. They define an emergency as showing up to rehab intoxicated, meaning that if you want to send your drunk friend to the clinic you have to buy them a few rounds before dropping them off.
I think part of the reason why health care costs are so high is because so little effort is expended in preventative maintenance. I bet costs would go down if they started subsidizing gym membership.

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  1. I should, because I know exactly one thing about health care: that you should show up drunk to rehab.
    In summary –
    Q: Should I show up for rehab while drunk?
    A: Yes.

  2. I would love subsidies for gym memberships. A gym membership here is between 80-150 a month, but you pay up front. Do you realize how much smack I need to sell to get that together?

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