Wanna hear something really funny? On Friday, Dec 17 th 2004 a deaf woman was put on hold because the relay center where I work was flooded with calls which like on any given Fri. night were 90% prank calls. Well this woman was put on hold for 5 minutes when an opr could finally answer her call she asked the operator (ME)to call 911. Her husband was having a heart attack and I stayed on the line with her as she gave the 911 opr all of her information until the paramedics arrived. Well her husband died. A week before Christmas this lady lost her husband and her children lost their dad. Had the paramedics been informed 5 mins earlier could he have lived? I don’t know but it’s something you punks should think about. Imagine your Dad laying on the ground having a heart attack and your mother being unable to call 911 because some 15 year old kid is calling himself having the opr read him 50 cent lyrics. Merry Christmas. – A Relay Opr