ha ha ha man i know back when i was 15 16 17 i was out partying on a sat night definetly not sitting at home getting my rocks off to someother person say homoerotic, homophobic, racist nonsense. As an RO i find these calls the dullest and most routine thing, call comes in “XXX XXX XXXX” (sometimes they forget the area code and i have to type (ro here area code pls) ga while thinking (ro here dumbass pranker learn to use the svc if you re going to make my life hell)sksk then they give me an area code) and every ro here will notice what else is missing then either prompt them for the missing parts or just OD them, and once we finally get to a person who doesn t think it s immature and ignorant (least we say just plain retarded) then we say every obsenety in the book and occasionally try to butcher their words through their own misspellings such as douse or dooche, etc… then after the voice person finally gets bored or one person screws up and gives a chance to get a supervisor and get rid of them, then on to the next round unless we get blessed with state relay or the blessing that cld be a curse for those of us that work a shift where no relief is possible and get an AOHELL or T Mobile call