I am a relay opr #7XX5. (I m not stupid enough to put my whole ID nbr on here.) I ve been looking up websites all day on this stuff and I just have to say….. Taking calls from ppl who are abusing the system is a waste of time. I got into this job b/c I truly wanted to help ppl (and it is easy money). Theses jerks who use IP Relay to make crank calls and harass ppl are idiots who don t have a life. How would u like it if someone waked u up out of a nice sleep just to harass u by saying “Hey Baby I wanna fuck ur big cock and stick it in my mouth”?????? I am betting that u wouldn t like it one bit. Well we won t like bothering these ppl by relay a call to them. As for the protocol for prpoer hang up procedures… if ur bugging me and bugging ppl by makipng crank calls… I m gonna hang ur ass up.