just to let you know, i am one of the operators that you have “chose to exploit” and basically what the fuck? are you really that lacking in a social life that you have to call and bug relay operators who are just trying to do their job… and not only call but record and post them to the internet like they’re something hysterically funny that needs to be shared with the world?? i mean really – you say we’re stupid and what not and laugh your ass off at the messages we have to leave… us, we’re just doing our job, you- you’re the one who had to come up with the message in the first place… whos the “loser” now? yea we might have to say whatever the fuck u tell us to say, but at least we’re getting paid good money to do it!! honestly all i have to say is if you get a lawsuit your way don t be surprised, and pls for the sake of humanity – get a fucking life! thx bye now.