[Update: Since no one is saying the same thing happened to them (and I know a bunch of my readers have TiVos) it doesn’t sound like it happening across the board. TiVo (thankfully) doesn’t appear to be selling suggestions, it just is able to pick up on new suggestions very quickly – a good thing.]
My TiVo right now is recording the pilot of a new show, Jack & Bobby because I told it to automatically record suggestions. There are some other shows it’s recorded as suggestions, namely Reno 911!, Chappelle’s Show and Good Eats. Those two I understand, because I have given them both two thumbs up. I just don’t understand why it’s giving me Jack & Bobby.
I went into the extended info page (go to the Program page where you can play or delete a show then hit Info on your remote) and looked for Similar Programs. None there, but some shows in my Suggestions list didn’t have Similar Programs either.
This may be just another case of My TiVo Thinks I’m Gay without the anthropomorphizing. What strikes me as odd about this suggestion is the fact that the show is so new (the first season just started), the fact that I’m getting a rerun of the pilot episode and the fact that WB already used unconventional promotions for the series.
So do you tell your TiVo to record suggestions and, if so, did it record the pilot of Jack & Bobby?

2 responses to “Is TiVo selling suggestions?”

  1. My TiVo does record suggestions, but no it is not scheduled to record Jack & Bobby. I don’t have a conflicting item either.

  2. My TiVo suggestions are all over the place. Unless TiVo knows that my wife is Hispanic, there would be no reason to record the Mexican variety hour Naranja y Media. Likewise for me, “Good Morning Sino”, which is the Chinese equivalent of Good Day New York, except without all the uplifting stories. I would say my TiVo is on a channel surfing expedition for international trinkets and treasures. Also on the Vo – M. Jak Milosc, Polish News; Gunsmoke; Jackie Chan Adventures and The new Scooby and Scrappy Doo

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